30 Projects In 30 Days: Three Days Left!

No surprise, we are going right down to the wire with our 30 Projects in 30 Days task list. I have had a few people mention that they plan to use the full weekend for projects even though September 30 is on Saturday. I am on board with the idea. As far as I am concerned, this year, September has 31 days. We will start October on the 2nd. Agreed?

Because of this crazy challenge, I don’t have time a for a lot of chit chat today. I decided to go all tough love and reorder my list so I could get a better picture of just how much I have to accomplish in the next three days. The items in boldface are tasks that are complete. Items in bold and italics are things that I am working on today, as soon as I publish this post. The rest of the tasks? Well, at least there is Friday.

30 Projects in 30 Days Master List

  1. Put window film on the basement window
  2. Scrape paint off the big window in the living room
  3. Put brass door latch on the door in the butler’s pantry
  4. Replace light switches and covers in the front hall.
  5. Put the doorknobs back on the doors in S’s room
  6. Put the trim back up in S’s room.
  7. Coat cabinet knob with rubber (Note: This project did not work.)
  8. Prime the ceiling in the breakfast nook
  9. Paint the downstairs door blue
  10. Clean off the porches
  11. Meal Plan
  12. Plant Perennials in the front flower bed
  13. Sew scented liners for my running shoes (prototype)
  14. Reinstall Screen Doors  
  15. Plan my One Room Challenge room!
  16. Replant the kitchen plants
  17. Paint door frame in the kitchen pantry
  18. Hang hook and art in the downstairs hall
  19. Paint the toe kick in the kitchen pantry
  20. Fix rot by the bi-fold doors
  21. Fix rot on the front porch pillar
  22. Get rid of the small trash pile on the driveway
  23. Plant Black-eyed Susans
  24. Finish baseboard repair and caulk in the downstairs hall
  25. Create an About Me widget and page on the blog
  26. Polyurethane the library table
  27. Work on library windows – Saturday
  28. Reinstall handrails on the front porch – Saturday
  29. Caulk in the Kitchen
  30. Repair bottom of the window and replace hardware on the window in the dining room
  31. Sew Seat Cushions in the living room
  32. Install doors and hardware in the butler’s pantry
  33. Finish cubby in the hall
  34. Install the trim around the ceiling above the bench in the living room
  35. Install bathroom lock
  36. Touch-up the kitchen cabinets – Waiting on the touch-up kit

Progress Photos

It would not be a #30ProjectsIn30Days post without a few pictures.

On the chalkboard wall in the kitchen, I swapped out three dead plants (again!) for fresh ones–two asparagus ferns and a snake plant. I feel like the Angel of Death when it comes to the houseplants in this room.

Remember that time, three years ago, when we put a new ceiling in S’s room? Well, Saturday, we finally put the moulding back up.

And lastly, I sewed some prototype stinky shoe inserts for my running shoes. I made them out of old socks stuffed with kitty litter. Right now, I am just testing out the idea. If it works, I will create a pattern and post a tutorial.

Now, it’s your turn:

Let me know how you are doing. You have a few options to make that happen.

  1. If you are a blogger; I created a link-up for you at the bottom of the page. Please keep your linked posts related to the 30 Projects in 30 Days challenge. You may link more than one post.
  2. Tag me on Instagram and remember to hashtag your posts using the #30ProjectsIn30Days hashtag.
  3. Give me a shout in the comments section here on the blog.
  4. Send me an e-mail.

Participants will be entered into a drawing, and one will be randomly chosen to win a prize. I will announce the winner on October 3rd. Let’s make the most of these last few days.

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