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May 2014

S t a c y

I cannot seem to get enough of home renovation projects. When we first moved to New York, I made Andy promise me that we would buy a move-in ready home. I was quite certain that I did not want to spend my days mired in DIY projects at this stage in our lives.

With our large family, we quickly realized that move-in ready options were very limited in our price range. After six months of looking, we were getting very close to naming our realtor as our emergency contact. We were actually contemplating an anniversary celebration. (Yay! We’ve been together for 6 months!)

On a cold, gray day in February, we saw our new home, and we fell in love. Suddenly all I could see was paint swatches and power tools, and mood boards and and and…

Blake Hill House will be our second renovation project. Our first house was a 1964 ranch-style in California.

Are we ready for this? Yes we are. Can we do this? Yes we can. Do we have an over-inflated sense of self-confidence? YES WE DO!

Fake it ’til you make it friends.


A n d y

About me?  Oooh, that’s my favorite subject.  Let’s see, I like rainbows, kittens, and cupcakes. If I have my way, and I almost never do, then we’ll be decorating this entire house with images of rainbow-colored kittens eating cupcakes.  Oh, and unicorns.  Gotta have unicorns for good luck.

Sure that’s all well and good…the dude’s got some serious decorating taste, but what about my skills, you ask?  Well, let me tell you, when it comes to using tools, I’m pretty much the biggest tool you’ll ever meet.  Screwdrivers and ratchetmathingy’s are all good, but power tools are where the action is, and so that’s where I am.  I’ve got crazy, mad abilities with power steering, power seats, power bars and powerade.  You name it. I can press buttons like a pro.  I can’t wait to get the Milwaukee 18-volt Force Logic 2″ Knockout kit.  I am going to do some serious knocking out, once I figure out what that is.

As for the giant “handyman’s special” we have bought, I can practically hear the expletives already rolling off my tongue.  It sends a cold shiver up my spine as I think of all the joyous memories we will NOT be having watching contractors finish jobs in no time.  Heck who needs quality, when you can blow your back out and end up with a toilet that only rattles a little.  So long as the flush gets most of it down the drain, we are good to go.

Are we ready for this? No!. Can we do this? So long as “good enough” is good enough. Do we have an over-inflated sense of self-confidence? Damn straight!


K i d s

On the blog, I refer to the kids by an initial to give them some privacy. The teens are A. and O. The youngest two are S. and M. It can be confusing to read, but I have not come up with a better solution. If you know us, and you cannot figure out which child I am writing about, feel free to send me an e-mail.

M i l l i e


Millie doesn’t need any privacy. She is lucky like that. Millie joined our family just before she turned one. We are her second home. She is very attached to Andy and I, and as a result, she is often underfoot. You will see her in many photos because she enjoys photo bombing almost as much as she enjoys napping.

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