The Breakfast Nook: One Room Challenge Week 4

I promise not to make this entire post about paint colors, but ugh! The breakfast nook is only 10’X4.5′. Why is it taking so long to paint? How is it that I have worked every spare moment of the past three weeks, and I have so little to show for it? These are questions for the universe. No earthly answers are required.

Currently the the breakfast nook looks like this:

After working out most of my teenage angst last week, I hit another little snafu with the paint colors. Once I finished painting the windows, the Agreeable Gray walls did not match at all. Instead of being agreeable, they turned a very contrary pink. Lighting is weird, and I have so much to learn.

Perplexed again, I turned to my design team (aka our Instagram Followers). Together, we decided to scrap the Agreeable Gray. Now, we are back to three colors, Mount Etna on the windows, Tidewater on the ceiling, and Citilite on everything else. Done. This dead horse will suffer no more beatings. If my estimation is correct, and it is probably not, I believe I have about four more hours worth of painting left. After that, I will keep the paintbrushes handy for touch-ups.

The Floor

Although I hoped to be writing about windows this week, I had to revise our schedule and move ahead with the floor installation and the DIY table. Both of these tasks require a compressor and a finish nail gun. A good friend has loaned both of those items to me, and I need to return them next week.

As I mentioned in the week one post, I will be laying down plywood over the existing hardwood so I can stencil it without damaging the original floor.

This week, I purchased all of my supplies from our local Lowe’s. As I was loading 2x4x10s onto my cart, an employee paid me the best compliment. He said,

“Can I help you with anything although you look like you know what the hell you’re doing.”

I have received more than my fair share of condescending comments from male employees at hardware stores. His comment was a refreshing change. My answer?

“Thanks, but I do know what the hell I’m doing.” 

And we both laughed.

I will install the plywood floor in three pieces. The 2x4x10 in the photo is just for planning purposes. The frame and plywood will be installed horizontally, not vertically as the picture implies.

The Table

Although we did consider a variety of small ready-made tables for the breakfast nook, we settled on a DIY bar along the longest window wall.

I have a piece of beautiful maple plywood leftover from the library table. A long, narrow table will keep this small room feeling open instead of cramped. I have four adorable vintage school chairs that we will use at the bar.

(pictured below in our library)

This week, we did receive a piece of good news from Linda, founder of the One Room Challenge. Because of shipping and construction delays related to the large number of natural disasters, the challenge has been extended by one week. The revised room reveal date is Thursday, November 16. I am grateful for the additional time, and I hope this helps everyone who has suffered these past few weeks catch their breath.

I realize that this post has been decidedly unfunny. My apologies. My sense of humor is stuck in one of the paint cans. If you are not already, please follow BHH on Instagram. I post plenty of real-time updates on our IG Stories. Instagram is a nice supplement to our weekly blog posts.

Now, head on over to Calling It Home to see all the progress from the Featured Designers and the Guest Participants too. Plenty of people have moved past the painting stage. Those lucky ducks…

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