Dining Room Renovation – ORC Week 3

Week 3! The party we are hosting is THIS weekend. I am simultaneously running around trying to finish things at the same time I am striking tasks from my wish list. Yeah, there is no time for closet cleaning, and I have no business complaining. I brought this on myself. Again.

Week 3

Today’s post is essentially a photo dump.

I have been getting up every morning before daylight in order to paint for several hours. I am currently priming the last two windows which include beautiful and time-consuming lattice work. (Thank you artisan craftsmen. Was there a reason you chose to make the angles closed this tightly? Just wondering.)


I also wonder, Will we ever eat at the dining room table again?

I am so thankful that leaded glass windows don’t require painting. Can you imagine?


We have not moved in a straight line on this project. It is a type-A nightmare. Last weekend, Andy and I painted the walls, except the edges, before I had finished priming the woodwork. I painted the fireplace before finishing the priming too. The doorways are still green, and we are a far cry from party ready. I cannot check off any of my to-do boxes.

During painting breaks, there has been some of this:

A little work on this dresser that I found for $10 (!) at a thrift shop:

And plaid because plaid is never wrong:

The beautiful thing about this project that essentially ends in the middle is that the last three weeks of this challenge should be smooth sailing (and far more descriptive).

For today, our dining room can be best explained in this way: “Pick up a paintbrush! No time to explain!”

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