A Fresh Coat of Paint is Like an Eraser

The progress is steady in my closet. I have been posting real-time updates on our Instagram story, but it is hard to describe tasks in ten-second segments. Right now, the project is on target for a reveal next week. It’s time. Ten days in, and I am good and tired of seeing the mini explosion of my closet contents strewn about our bedroom.

I certainly have not been working for ten days straight, but I did spend a good two days painting the walls and woodwork. Even though it is just the inside of a closet, I could not talk myself into skipping a few details. I am a one and done kind of person. I have no desire to repeat this project because I cut corners.

Prep was straightforward. First, everything got a good wipe-down, and I put a thin bead of caulk where the woodwork meets the plaster walls.


Then, everything but the walls and ceiling received a coat of oil-based primer. Oil-based primer is not my favorite product to use. It can be finicky, but it was the correct product for this application. I followed the primer with two coats of regular latex paint.

(Tip: Last year, I wrote a content-heavy post about using an oil-based primer.

Now, the closet truly is a clean slate. A fresh coat of paint is the perfect eraser. Magically, this 135-year-old closet looks nearly brand new. 

Yesterday, I drew the plan and cut some of the wood for the custom insert for my hamper and shoes. Once that is complete, it will be time to put everything back into the closet and get it off our bedroom floor. I cannot wait.

I am curious about our readers. Are you Instagram users? Do you like following both the blog and Instagram? Do you watch IG stories? If you enjoy our stories (or not), what would you like to see when you watch them? I would love to know.

P.S. The colors I used are Agreeable Gray (walls) and Citilite (trim) by Sherwin-Williams. I chose both because I already had them on hand. This is a budget-friendly project.



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