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I hope all of you who celebrate Easter had a nice holiday. We enjoyed brunch with friends and then the rest of the weekend was spent scraping wallpaper. We made it about 1/3 of the way around the living room. However, today’s post is all about the guest room.

I was looking through my Vimeo videos, and I found several regarding the guest room. Despite the fact that I was not blogging, I was obsessing working. I have the tennis elbow to prove it. (ouch!) These videos do a decent job of explaining the problem areas in this particular room. Please hit full screen for the best view.

Video from February (Spoiler alert: I never got the window open)

Video from March, AKA the window finally gives up the fight.

Video from last week: This one details the whole project.

The paper in this room came off easily. We rented a heavy-duty steamer from our local rental store. First, we scored the paper with this roller that looks like a medieval torture device:
The tallest people in the house had the job of steaming the wallpaper.
Fortunately, because of the fact that the wallpaper was pretty new, and there was only one layer, it pulled off in nearly full sheets. In our experience, that is very rare. As a result of this good fortune, the entire room was done in around an hour. It was the kids’ Saturday chore, and they knocked it out easily.

The room is mostly in excellent shape. All of the walls except the window wall need minimal work. That means that I can complete this project on my own during the weekdays, and Andy and I can continue to work together on the living room on the weekends.
The window wall and corner will need a good cleaning. Next, I will scrape and chip out the existing patch. Then, I will fill in any cracks or gaps with new patch.

Corner Patch to repair
Corner Patch to repair

Window wall to repair
Window wall to repair

Once the room is completely prepped, it should be a quick project to paint and decorate.

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