Happy New Year

Our family pretty much checked out of 2017 on December 16th. That was the day our oldest came home from California for winter break. Once he arrived, none of us were in the mood for our regular schedule. We just wanted to hang out with him. Then, because of the way the holidays fell this year, Andy was home for ten days straight. Bitter cold and plenty of snow settled over BHH, so we all just tucked in here at home, watching movies, playing board games, and spending time together. We have never had a staycation quite like this one.

This morning was a bit of a rude awakening as Andy headed back to work in the dark. There are bills to pay, and I need to venture to the grocery store. It is still frigid outside, and the snowy ground crunches under our feet as we walk.

We all rather enjoyed nearly living in our pajamas for half the month of December. Where are all of my regular pants? Better question: Do they still fit? I think I ate half my body’s weight in cookies and sweets during December. Who didn’t?

* * *

During the break, We received this photo:

That’s Dorothy! For those of you who just started reading here, she was the previous owner of BHH, and we mention her often on the blog. Our family never met Dorothy or her husband, and we had never seen a picture of her. Sadly, she was already gone when this house went on the market, and she was preceded in death by her husband.  We bought BHH from the executors of her estate.

I like to think Dorothy would be happy with our stewardship of this big old house, and now we have an image of her beautiful face to go with that thought.

As we attempt to re-enter the world gently today, I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for reading this blog and following my escapades on Instagram and Facebook. It has been a heck of a year. 2018 is going to be a good one too. I can feel it.

My favorite photo from 2017 accurately represents BHH at this present time: Structurally sound, progress instead of perfection, and the sun rising (It’s up there somewhere!) over this 135-year-old gem of a house.

Happy New Year!





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