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Today’s post is a continuation of the 2017 House Tour. We are celebrating our three-year home and blogiversary by giving our readers an updated tour of BHH. If you search House Tour on the sidebar, additional 2017 posts and tour posts from previous years will pop up.

Right this very minute, I am sitting in a Starbucks in Los Angeles writing this post. I am here dropping off our oldest at college. He is attending orientation today, and I am heading to The Getty. Thus far, I have not cried any tears. That seems like a small victory. Oh, who am I kidding? There will be a tear or two when I finally leave him here for good tomorrow morning. Right now, I am riding the wave of too much coffee and working hard to get everything done before I leave.

The Evolution of The Guest Room

Last spring, I started a series of posts about the guest room refresh. I intended to post a big reveal, but instead, I stalled on the last few details, and the project remained dead In the water for a few months. (additional guest room posts)

The guest room has been evolving since we moved into BHH. As much as I would like to say that it is finished, I am just not sure. I have more ideas running through my head, and I am not 100% sold on the paint color that I chose.

Let’s take a brief look back in time. When we first moved in, the guest room looked more like the guest room in an abbey than a room in a family home. At this stage, the only thing missing was a small kneeling rug for morning and evening prayers.

It may surprise you, but I am not a nun, and BHH is not a cloister.

Our second attempt at sprucing up this room ended in 2015. That endeavor was fraught with miscommunication between Andy and me, a shrinking time table, and a lack of money. The result was a cross between cottage style and Andy’s childhood bedroom. (Take note of the dresser. It received a drastic makeover.)

Eventually, we added a second twin-sized bed, but the room stayed in decorating purgatory until I was ready to tackle it again. Inspiration eventually did strike this spring, but I managed to drag out the project all the way through summer.

The Current Guest Room

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Today, the guest room looks much more pulled together. Matching bedding made all the difference in the world.

I am still searching for the perfect plush and nubby throws for the end of the beds. The sticking point thus far has been the price.  I have been searching all the discount stores, but I have not found what I am looking for yet. I guess I am not exactly sure what I want, but I think I will know it when I see it.

After we reoriented the beds side-by-side, I painted the original dresser with some leftover porch paint in our favorite Hale Navy color. I also added new white porcelain knobs.

I added two brass reading lamps since the only source of light in the room is one wall sconce on the opposite wall. This room also does not have a light switch. The sconce must be turned on with a knob directly on the fixture.

(Somehow, I missed taking a picture of the sconce for this post. Since I am not home, I will have to snap a picture later.)

The other side of this room is still a little sparsely decorated, but in a room this small there is not enough space for too many things. The approximate dimensions of the guest bedroom are 11′ X 9′.

The chest is a piece that I picked up over twenty-five years ago. The quilt is vintage. I believe my grandmother and great-grandmother made it. That tiny pillow was once a coverlet on my grandpa’s bed, probably when he was a child. The entire coverlet was tattered, so my mother took pieces of it and made small pillows for herself, my sister, and me.

On the opposite side of that wall, I hung a small mirror and an iron hook for a purse or jacket. The reflection in the mirror is a sweet watercolor that I found for $4.99 at a local thrift shop. The painting is the porch of an old house. Pretty perfect for BHH.

I am still looking for a little something to hang on the other side of the mirror to balance it out. The door on the right is a small closet.

A guest room is a little different than a regular bedroom, so I added a few amenities in the dresser.

I tucked another vintage quilt in the second drawer.

Overall, what we did this time is a vast improvement over the previous attempts at sprucing up the guest room. However, I am not entirely thrilled with the room as it is today. I have mentioned before that I am not fond of the paint color. Yellow is my mom’s favorite color though, and she is probably our most frequent guest.

The blue dresser and the bedding are my favorite details. I would like to add more warm wood accents, perhaps repaint the walls, and find the perfect throws for the end of the beds.

I am open to your ideas and suggestions. Is there anything you love about this room? What would you add or change?

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