House Tour: The Upstairs Bathroom

Last week, we kicked off our three-year “housiversary” with a post about the breakfast nook. This week, I head upstairs to a room that we have never shown on the blog. Now that I have just spent more than an hour fussing with camera settings and dealing with external flash woes, I know why. (Note to self: Take a photography course. Just do it!)

The Upstairs Bathroom

Located at the end of a dark hall, this is our main bathroom.

The only change that we have made to this bathroom so far is converting the clawfoot tub to a shower.  When we first moved in, we all loved the novelty of taking a bath in such a deep and comfy tub. Soon enough though, most of us just wanted a quick shower and to move on with our lives. Andy turned the tub into a shower with a clawfoot tub to shower conversion kit that we purchased from Amazon (affiliate link).

There is one original cabinet on the wall behind the toilet. Also, oddly enough, this is the only room in BHH that does not have painted woodwork. The door is painted on the hall side, and unpainted on the bathroom side.

I know something is hiding behind that pink paneling, and I cannot wait to find out what it is. About once a week, I get the urge to pry off just a bit to satisfy my curiosity. My first guess is original wainscoting. My second guess is tile. What do you think? If I can wait that long, we will see in 2018. That is when we plan to gut this room and make it functional for a family. (Don’t worry! We are keeping the clawfoot tub and the marble sink. We will also attempt to work with whatever we find behind the pink paneling)

For those of you who love pink bathrooms, there is a perfect website for you: Save the Pink Bathroom. It is a terrific informational site about the history of the pink bathroom as well as preservation encouragement. If you want even more inspiration, check out my friend Kari’s Cottage bathroom makeover.

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