Midsummer Progress Report: Are We Getting Anything Done?

For many people, July still feels like the first part of summer. For those of us farther north, the summer has almost reached its midpoint. This fact is always hard for me to admit, but nonetheless, it is true.

In February, I wrote a post called 2017 Projects & Plans outlining some of the tasks that Andy and I budgeted for in 2017. It seems like a good time to check in for a progress report and accountability if necessary. The original post is quite descriptive, but the TLDR list version is this:

  1. Three Closet Organizational Makeovers
  2. Guest Room Refresh
  3. Living Room Refresh
  4. Landscaping
  5. Exterior Painting and Shingle Repair
  6. Window Reglazing (before painting)
  7. Rebuild the Chimney
  8. Seal and/or repave the driveway


In March, I finished the library closet. You did not know it at the time, but it was the precursor to the whirlwind six weeks of the One Room Challenge™ where we completely renovated and restored the entire library.

I have not even touched the other closets yet. Organizing closets seems like a good winter project to me.

The Guest Room

The guest room has become my nemesis, but only because I am overthinking everything. First, I was going to paint it pink.

Then, I painted it light yellow instead:

Now, I am not sure I am feeling it, but yellow is my mother’s favorite color, and she loved the room when she stayed here in May. Presently, I am at this weird stage of paralysis where I know it does not even matter, but I still cannot seem to move forward. Just writing this, I realize that I am ridiculous. I need to own my choice and move on with life.

The Living Room

There has been no movement on this project either. I did sit down and design a bench seat cushion to minimize the amount of expensive fabric to purchase. My plan is to make a prototype to test the design. We have a window seat in the master bedroom. I have the cushion cut; I just have not had a chance to sew the cover. On the next rainy day, I hope to get out the sewing machine.

Landscaping (and drainage)

Well, you know how that is going. The landscaping is going great. I posted an update about it last week.

I finally connected with site developer that we are working with for the giant drainage project. We will receive a bid this weekend, and we should be able to move forward this season.

Exterior Painting and Shingle Repair

I am expecting a materials estimate on the shingles today. Replacing the shingles on a back of the house will be a DIY project (AKA couples team-building) for Andy and me. (Lord, help me. And him. Yes, maybe help him more. Working with me is no picnic.)

I was giving Andy an update, and he said, “I thought we were paying someone to do that.”

Yeah, no. This project is all us.

I got the exterior painting bid back, and the project is scheduled for August.

Window Reglazing

I might be reglazing windows until I die. I used to think I was going to die with a paintbrush in my hand. Now, I am pretty confident it will be with a glazing tool in my hand instead.

Right now, I am in an endless loop of chipping out old glaze and popping in new glazier’s points. Don’t tell Andy, but it is possible that I might not be done with this project before the painters arrive. That means we may have to paint the windows ourselves. Andy, if you are reading this, just pretend like you aren’t. Thanks!

Rebuild the Chimney

Even though the chimney needs repairs as soon as possible, we have tabled this project until next year. Rebuilding the chimney comes with a very high price tag. We have decided to prioritize the drainage project this year.

Seal and/or Repave the Driveway

This job is still tentatively on the 2017 plan. However, when the site developer comes to dig the trench in the yard, his heavy equipment might mark up the driveway. For that reason, we will wait until the drainage job is done before we move forward with any sealant or repairs on the driveway. Because this summer has been so rainy and wet, the drainage project may not happen until very late in the season. If that’s the case, it might be too cold to seal the driveway this year. We will have to play it by ear.

So, although it feels like a whole of nothing so far, I suppose it is actually a great deal of something, after all.

How are your summer projects coming along? I would love to hear about your progress.

PS: I found this cute little Scottish door knocker hanging on the back side of the house.



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