Stacy’s Closet – An Update For Function

Yesterday on Instagram, I talked about updating the functionality of my closet. For a very old house, BHH has substantial closet space in most of the rooms. Back in the olden days, people did not have as much stuff, and therefore, they did not need as much space to store it.They were minimalists before minimalism was cool.

We are particularly baffled by this boon since BHH was built to serve as a summer house. Summer houses had even less storage than a typical full-time residence.  They often had very small shallow closets or no closets at all because summer people kept the wagon loads as light as possible. Since there are ample closets in this house, we can only draw one conclusion: The family that built BHH were hoarders.

Now is the perfect time to work on the closet because A) I’m stuck inside a lot, and B)It’s the new year, and that makes me want to organize of all. the. things.

The Closet Plan

Before I get started, it is worth noting that Andy and I do not share a closet. His is right outside the master bedroom door, and it is approximately the same size as mine.

The best part of my closet is the built-in dresser. The drawers are enormous (35″ X 16″ X10″). Aside from painting it, I do not plan to make any other alterations. Fun fact: The drawer pulls are original!

On the bottom drawer, I have noted that I will use it for bags and backpacks. I have several that I pack and unpack for different purposes. Currently, I dump them on the floor. The drawer is plenty large enough to hold them.

Above the dresser is a pile zone for me. That’s where I dump clothes I can wear again, the junk from my pockets, jewelry, running gear, etc. There is a ton of room here. I do not have an exact plan yet, but I will likely create some variation of cubby storage. While I am thinking, I will pop into my local thrift shops to see if I can find anything useful.

The heavy hitter of this project will be the back wall. There is plenty of room for my hanging clothes, but I dislike shoving my head under them to line up my shoes along the wall. Also, there is zero room for a full-sized hamper in here, and I do not like to keep my dirty clothes in the bedroom. For these two reasons, I often just throw my shoes and laundry directly onto the floor of the closet. Gross.

Here is the plan for the back wall:

The plan takes advantage of the vertical space above the upper shelf. There are a full 31 inches there. Also, I do have a narrow 8″ hamper that will fit nicely in the back corner.

First things first, I will give the entire closet a fresh coat of paint. Then, using scrap wood from the basement, I will build the new cubbies and shelves. Andy gave me a Kreg Jig (affiliate link) for Christmas, and I have been itching to use it for something. This is the perfect project.


Tell me about your closets. Are you a compulsive organizer? A piler? Somewhere in between? Perhaps we can troubleshoot a solution together.

Housekeeping Notes

Yesterday, I sent out the first podcast update newsletter. If you signed up via the link at the very top of the page, and you did not get the email, let me know. Be sure to check your spam folder first.

Also, I would love it if my pictures with drawings and texts like the one above did not look like childish renderings. If you know of some software that would make the images look more professional, please let me know. In the meantime, thank you for putting up with that hot mess.


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