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September is a little over two weeks away. The kids will soon be back in school, and summer will quickly give way to crisp fall days.  Because of the shift in weather and our daily activities, Fall always feels like a fresh start.  This year, I am riding the wave of that feeling, and I am starting a new feature here on the blog. It is called 30 Projects in 30 Days, and I want you to join in too!

The idea for 30 Projects in 30 Days has been brewing all summer. It started after I wrote this post. Just for kicks, I sat down with the intent of making a list of simple projects that I could complete if I could just get out of my own way. In a flash, I had thirty items on the list.

As I looked closely at what I had written, I noticed that many of the unfinished tasks were very small. They would not take more time than ten-minutes to a half-day. In other words, I had spent more energy avoiding those projects than it would have taken to complete them and go on with my life.

Thus, the idea of 30 Projects in 30 Days was born.

What is 30 Projects in 30 Days?

In a nutshell, 30 Projects in 30 Days is a commitment to complete thirty small projects during the month of September.

If you are anything like me, you have a similar issue of sweating the details, and that is why I want you to join me so we can support and motivate each other to get this stuff done.

Getting Started

This week, take a few minutes to write out a list of your own. There is no right or wrong kind of project, but I urge you to keep it simple. Don’t overthink it. The goal of completing 30 Projects in 30 Days should be attainable, not overwhelming.

Here is a sample of my list:

If you think of more than thirty items for your list, cull it down to the easiest projects. Set yourself up for success.

How and when you complete your list is up to you. If one project per day works for you, great! If you are more of a weekend warrior, that is perfectly acceptable too. This is your goal and your life.

30 Projects in 30 Days is not limited to home renovation or DIY only. Again, I urge you to tailor this idea to your needs.

Share Your Success

During the month of September, if you have a blog, please write a few posts about your 30 Projects in 30 Days experience. Each week, on Thursdays, you can link up at the bottom of my posts. I will have a link-up ready. Alternately, share your projects on Instagram using the hashtag #30ProjectsIn30Days and be sure to tag me so I can cheer you on.

I would love for you to share this post on social media and tell all of your friends. The more, the merrier. Also, shoot me an e-mail if you are passionate about this idea, and you want to spread the word with me on Instagram.

Do you have any questions? Fire away in the comments section.

So, what do you say? Are you in? Let’s get some stuff done!

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