The Library: One Room Challenge Week 2

Thank you for all the love last week regarding choosing the library for our One Room Challenge™ project. What I especially appreciate is your confidence that we will get the library done in six weeks and that it will be beautiful. There is a chance that you are all enabling my delusions, but in all seriousness, you motivate me to be better and do better. Gracias, danke, merci.

(Fun fact: I also know how to swear in several languages, and I may bust out some of those words in the next few weeks.)

Presently, the library looks like a horror show. I removed both the wallpaper and the acoustic tile. The next step is major clean-up.

Yesterday, I wrote a post about removing wallpaper the easier way which you are welcome to read or save for your own project. What is the best way to remove wallpaper? is a question that I get asked very often.

Project Management

Since this is such a large project, I am writing about pacing today. In order to accomplish a lot in very little time, managing this project efficiently is the key to its success.

One thing we have going for us is that we are using all in-stock products in the library. Since I am not a designer, I do not have the added stress of ordering custom products that may or may not arrive on time. I am still finalizing the design. I have solved the “function” part of the equation, but I am still working on the “form.” Being a real designer would probably come in handy right about now.

Pacing: Week by Week

  1. Week 1: Tear out Wallpaper and Acoustic Tile  – DONE
  2. Week 2: Get estimates for ceiling repair and remove Windows – (Complete today.)
  3. Week 3: Ceiling Repair – Wall Repair – Window Repair – Order Supplies
  4. Week 4: Continue Wall & Window Repair – Paint – Begin DIY work table
  5. Week 5: Finish DIY work table, Refinish Floors
  6. Week 6: Finish Everything – Reveal! (Holy cow! That’s vague and somewhat terrifying.)

I wish I could leave you with inspiration photos or something more substantial to dream about in the interim. This quote by Plato will have to suffice.

Photo Credit

Please head over to Calling It Home to take a look at all of the One Room Challenge™ rooms from the featured designers and the other guest participants too. If there is a specific ORC project that is inspiring you during this challenge, feel free to post a link in the comments.

Hi ho! Hi ho! and all that jazz.

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